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  • About Us – History of Carolina Style Barbecue

    Barbecue SignAll North Carolina BBQ is very slow cooked pork, generally smoked for a minimum of 16-18 hours at a very low temperature. By slow smoking at a low temperature, the meat is allowed to "age" without drying out. Almost never is any kind of sauce applied during smoking. Sometimes, a touch of "sauce" (vinegar-based with a few spices) is added as hydration aid to prevent excess binding of the outside part of the meat, but not as a flavoring agent. After smoking, the meat is pulled from the bones into bite-size chunks, and then typically chopped further with a large cleaving knife until the preferred texture is achieved. "Real" Carolina BBQ is rarely served sliced, unless the customer specifically requests such. North Carolina Style BBQ is plain whole-hog pork meat, with just the tiniest bit of vinegar-based "sauce" applied as a moistening agent. Typically it is served with Cole slaw, as a side dish if served on a plate, or atop the BBQ itself if served in a sandwich.

    Pittsburgh's Premier Barbecue Company

    BrisketFor more than 10 seasons, Pittsburgh Barbecue Company has been proudly serving the Pittsburgh region authentic, smoked Carolina Style BBQ. Our passion for great barbecue drives every operation and preparation decision we make. We use a seventeen spiced, dry rub, combined with a vinegar-based North Carolina Style BBQ sauce. Temperatures are kept between 200 - 220 degrees. We only cook over the finest fruitwoods such as maple and cherry, which adds that distinctive, smoky flavored taste that our customers have come to know and love. Our only variance from the Carolina flavoring is our well known Texas beef brisket. Using a mustard base wet sauce and a 10 spice dry rub, our single cut flat briskets compare to any in the lone star state. After 18 hours of smoking, the meat has a 1/4 inch smoke ring, as well as a dark bark on the outside. At the Pittsburgh Barbecue Company, we take the safety in pork extremely serious. Both our locations follow a very stringent smoking process, which ensures our pork is cooked completely through: guaranteeing our customers the best barbecue in the "Burgh". Our motto is simple, "We cook low and slow." Our "Pit Masters" are onsite daily smoking the finest grades of meat to perfection - an average of 14 - 18 hours. A few of our employees are certified Memphis Barbecue Judges.

    Our recipes have earned us the Number 1 Ranking* in many respected publications and reviews.

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